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Dynamic Compression Plates, DCP, 3.5 mm

- See:  Synthes Plates and Screws:3.5 MM DCP, LC-DCP   3.5 MM LCP    4.5 MM LCP RECONSTRUCTION PLATE

      - Dynamic Compression Plates:
      - DCP, 3.5 mm Applied as a Self Compression Plate:
      - DCP 3.5 mm Applied as Self Compression Plate w/ Lag Screw Thru Plate

- Dynamic Compression Plate, 3.5 mm:
    - see: properties of stainless steel;
    - this is implant of choice for frx of forearm and may be also used for distal humeral fractures and the clavicle;
    - DCP hole design is analogous to the 4.5 DCP hole design;
    - if necessary, 4.0 cancellous bone screws can be inserted in end holes;
    - available in lengths from 25 mm to 145 mm, with 2 to 12 holes;
    - thickness 3.0 mm
    - width 10 mm
    - hole spacing 12 mm and 16 mm
    - hole length: 6.5 mm;

- Limited Contact Dynamic Compression Plate, 3.5 mm in Titanium:
    - see: properties of titanium;
    - utilizes 3.5 mm cortical & shaft screws and 4.0 mm titanium cancellous bone screws in the metaphysis;
    - may be inserted in the neutral, load, or butress positions;
    - LC-DCP is used for the same indications as the DCP;
    - forearm fractures, fractures of the distal humerus, the clavicle, and the pelvis;
    - undercuts at both ends of the plate, allowing 40 deg of tilting along long axis of the plate;
    - screws can also be tilted 7 deg in the transverse plane;
    - available with 4 to 12 holes, from 51 to 155 mm;
    - width 11 mm
    - thickness 4.0 mm
    - hole spacing 13 mm
    - hole length 7 mm

Clinical experience with titanium implants, especially with the limited contact dynamic compression plate system.

The concept of biological plating using the limited contact dynamic compression plate (LCDCP).  

The limited contact dynamic compression plate.