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Vibrio vulnificus

– Discussion:     – gram-negative facultative coccobacillus     – vibrios are among the most common organisms found in waters in US and around the world;             – in the US these infections occur mainly on the gulf coast and southern atlantic seaboard;     – these organisms tend … Read more

Venous Malformations

– See: AV malformations – Discussion:     – venous malformations, although present at birth, often are not noticed until 1 year of age. They engorge when dependent, decompress when elevated, and enlarge with trauma, puberty, pregnancy, or use of oral contraceptives;     – frequently confused with hemangiomas     – present at birth     – … Read more

Venous Repair

– Venous Anastomosis: – Discussion:   – thickest layer in the vein is the adventitia and cannot be stripped away from vessel as it can in the artery & therefore need to use gentle          technique in teasing away the excess adventia and trimming it with scissors;   – vessel walls are not as self supporting … Read more

Vascular Shunt

– Discussion:     – use of temporary shunt has been advocated in pts w/ long ischemia times being treated with initial orthopedic stabilization prior to          vascular repair A temporary arteriovenous shunt (Scribner) in the management of traumatic venous injuries of the lower extremity.  Intravascular shunts in complex lower limb trauma.