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Wound Management

– Menu:      – Antibiotic Beads       – Antibiotic Prophylaxis       – Carrier State      – Contaminated Wound Care       – Debridement of Muscle: (debridement of open tibia fractures);       – Decubitus Ulceration      – Drains and Closure of Wounds      – Fracture Blisters      – Gun Shot Wounds       – Pressure Irrigation   … Read more

Wound Vac

– Discussion:       – KCI Vacuum Assisted Closure Device: (Company Web Site) and V.A.C.® Therapy Indications and Safety Information      – Soft Tissue Coverage (Austere Environment) – Flaps and Vacuum-Assisted Closure (VAC)       – technique:             – debride all devitalized tissue and contaminated material;             – sterile reticulated … Read more

Work Up of the Painful Total Knee Arthroplasty

– See: TKR Menu: (Function and Activity after TKR) – Natural History of Painful TKR:     – references:               – Pain and Depression Influence Outcome 5 Years after Knee Replacement Surgery.               – Impact of Psychological Distress on Pain and Function Following Knee Arthroplasty – Potential Causes of TKR failure:     – early failures:     … Read more

Workup for Femoral Shaft Frx

– Trauma Workup        – assessment of perfusion: damage control orthopaedics        – timing of surgery in orthopaedic patients with brain injury        – surgical timing and prevention of pulmonary complications in patients with femur frx  – PreOp Planning for IM Nailing: (IM Nailing Technique)           – Fracture Classification            – Open Femur Frx     … Read more

Work Up and Treatment of Acetabular Frx

– See: Trauma Menu – Discussion:     – note that with acetabular fracture associated with major trauma that there will be 50% chance of            at least one other major injury;            – neuro and head injury (see Glasgow)            – abdominal and chest injury (pulmonary … Read more