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Absent Thumb

Discussion total absence of the thumb may be an isolated anomaly, but it is often associated with some other congenital malformation; absent thumb may be inherited as autosomal dominant or may be sporadic; absent thumb is frequently observed in Holt-Oram syndrome, Fanconi’s anemia, and ring D chromosome abnormalities; absent radius is almost always associated with … Read more

About WRIGHTLOCK and the OCS Instrumentation

Development of the design of the WRIGHTLOCK Spinal Fixation System began over eight years ago in conjunction with Dr. Ben Allen, Jr., Chief of Staff at the Shriners Hospital for Crippled Children in Greenville, SC. Its design was based on the need for a spinal system that was both low profile and high strength for … Read more

Abductors of the Shoulder

Discussion (see also: rotator cuff) abduction of shoulder is a smooth, integrated motion which has been termed scapulohumeral rhythm by Codman; disruption of this smooth motion is important since asymmetrical movement usually indicates a chronic pathological disorder of the shoulder; there is a 2:1 ratio of movement in GHJ & scapulothoracic joints; clavicle also plays … Read more

Septic Arthritis

Discussion » orthopaedic infection menu general orders and treatment differential diagnosis » (also consider Brucella melitensis, Borrelia burgdorferi and Treponema pallidum) Painful knee–an unusual cause secondary to pseudomonas septic arthritis of the hip. Septic until proven otherwise: approach to and treatment of the septic joint in adult patients. Indicators for detection of septic arthritis in … Read more

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Discussion ARA criteria for RA pathogenesis differential diagnosis: spondyloarthropathies & related chronic seroneg arthritides; systemic lupus erythematosus; scleroderma; dermatomyositis; juvenile rheumatoid arthritis Clinical Aspects » Laboratory Aspects » Radiographic Aspects » Treatment of RA Medical Management of RA » Surgical Treatment cervical spine hand wrist elbow and shoulder: frequently there is concomitant shoulder and elbow … Read more


Discussion OA is defined as a chronic irreversible degenerative disease of articular cartilage predisposing conditions pathology and histology clinical features laboratory aspects Osteoarthritis of the Knee » Hip Osteoarthritis clinical features pain on wt-bearing felt in the groin, buttock, or medial thigh; trendelenburg gait will decrease mechanical stress on joint and thereby lessen pain (see … Read more

Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS)

(see also: Spondyloarthropathies) Discussion affects young men (ages 15 to 25 years), but may also begin in middle-aged men; disease is often more severe when it occurs early in life; disease characterized by insidious onset of pain and stiffness in lower back associated w/ gradual loss of spinal mobility; illness may cause inflammation in uveal tract … Read more

Fractures of the Humerus Menu

  Anterior Approach to Humerus Anterior Approach to Shoulder Arteries of the Upper Limb Blood Supply to the Humerus Classification of Proximal Humeral Fractures Condylar Fractures Distal Humeral Fractures Holstein Lewis Fractures Humerus Humeral Shaft Fracture Non Union of Humeral Fractures Pediatric Humeral Frx Posterior Approach to Shoulder Posterior Approach to Humerus Posterolateral Approach to the Distal … Read more