Ortho Oracle - orthopaedic operative atlas

Weight Release

– See:       – Stance       – Muscle Activity During Gait – Discussion:     – during last portion of single limb stance & entirety of wt release, tibial external rotation continues, ankle plantar flexion is seen, and sub-            talar joint continues to invert;     – forefoot is now in a … Read more

Weber C Fractures

– Discussion:     – Weber C ankle fractures occur above the the syndesmosis and are similar to PER injuries in the            Lauge Hansen classification:     – classification:            – C:    fibula fracture above syndesmosis            – C1  diaphyseal fracture of the fibula, simple   … Read more

Watson test

– Discussion:     – this manuever helps diagnose SLD but the test is not specific for SLD, because it may reposition entire proximal carpal row if row, rather than the scaphoid;     – manipulation of scaphoid by examiner may reproduce pt’s sensation of instability or even cause subluxation of proximal pole of the scaphoid;     … Read more

Volar Finger Tip Infections / Felon

– See: Infections of the Hand – Discussion:     – if infection extends thru dermis, the pad of digit becomes involved;     – usually cause by staph aureus;     – barriers to proximal migration of infection:           – anatomic arrangement of fibrous septum;           … Read more

Volar PIP Dislocation

      – Discussion:     – rare injury caused by compression and rotation with PIP joint flexion;     – may occur as simple dislocations or fracture dislocations;     – it is often unstable and irreducible;     – volar dislocation involves disruption of central slip, along w/ collateral ligaments and palmar … Read more