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Weight Release

- See:
      - Stance
      - Muscle Activity During Gait

- Discussion:
    - during last portion of single limb stance & entirety of wt release, tibial external rotation continues, ankle plantar flexion is seen, and sub-
           talar joint continues to invert;
    - forefoot is now in a less pronated position;
    - thru action of the windlass effect, intrinsic muscle activity, and posterior tibial activity, foot increases its rigidity and acts as rigid lever to 
           prepare for toe off;
    - gastroc-soleus muscle activity has stopped;
    - elasticity of musculotendinous complex acts against rigid lever of foot still in contact with the ground;
    - limb is being unloaded so that the elastic recoil allows the ankle plantarflexion;
    - this transfers energy to the limb to assist knee flexion in preparation for the swing phase of gait