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(see also: Pseudoachondroplasia) Discussion autosomal dominant disorder; arises due to a point mutation for the gene encoding a fibroblast growth factor (Fibroblast growth factor receptor 3) over 80% of all persons with this disorder are born to parents who are not achondroplastic, & such parents rarely have second achondroplastic child; it is presumed in these … Read more

Acinetobacter anitratus

IMP  Ciproflox AP Pen Ceftaz S/S: symptoms vary depending on site of infection, are similar to infections caused by other opportunistic gram negative bacteria; Rarely, if ever cause infections in healthy individuals; Nosocomial septicemias associated with indwelling IV catheters; Urinary tract infections due to indwelling bladder catheters Source: Soil, water; Skin: Groin, axilla, antecubital fossa; … Read more


(See also: Rotator cuff) origin: infraspinatus fossa of scapula insertion: posterior aspect of greater tuberosity of humerus, capsule of shoulder joint; demensions: infraspinatus has been shown to average 29 mm wide, with a mean medial-to-lateral width of 19 mm action: extension, horizontal extension and lateral rotation of humerus at the shoulder joint. the infraspinatus is the … Read more

Adult Humeral Inter-condylar Fractures: Plate Application

– Technique Considerations: – following restoration of fracture anatomy, contour 1/3 tubular, 3.5 pelvic reconstruction, or 3.5 DCPs, to fit medial and lateral aspect of distal humerus; – the strongest bone lies along medial and lateral columns and therefore the plate screws should be placed here rather than central portion of distal end of the … Read more

AC Joint Arthrosis / Open Distal Clavicle Excision

Discussion general discussion: clinical and radiographic findings Surgical Technique Subacromial Decrompression Arthroscopic Distal Clavicle Excision: Open Clavicle Excision: Surgical Technique: Modified Weaver Dunn Procedure: Complications lateral elevation of the clavicle: lateral elevation is often associated w/ pain; ref: Sequential Resection of the Distal Clavicle and Its Effects on Horizontal Acromioclavicular Joint Translation references: Complications after … Read more

Absent Thumb

Discussion total absence of the thumb may be an isolated anomaly, but it is often associated with some other congenital malformation; absent thumb may be inherited as autosomal dominant or may be sporadic; absent thumb is frequently observed in Holt-Oram syndrome, Fanconi’s anemia, and ring D chromosome abnormalities; absent radius is almost always associated with … Read more

Above Elbow Amputation

(see also: Upper Extremity Prosthetics) Surgical Considerations consider the Marquardt Osteotomy of the Humerus: supracondylar, to put 15-20 deg of posterior angulation at this site, to facilitate suspension and provide rotational control; distal piece must be at least 5 cm long; stagger the median and ulnar nerve resection levels to avoid a large confluent neuroma


Discussion classic disease results from deficiency of factor VIII clotting activity; hemophilia A is not caused by an absolute deficiency of factor VIII, but from an abnormal molecule making up part of the VIII clotting factor; hemophilic arthropathy: pathologic changes (coag pathway / coag labs); inheritance pattern: sex-linked recessive; affected male will have normal sons … Read more