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C8 Neurologic Level

- Nerves:
    - Median nerne                 C5      C6     C7      C8      T1
    - Radial Nerve                 C5      C6     C7      C8      T1
    - Ulnar Nerve                                         C8      T1
    - Medial Antebrachial                                 C8      T1

- Wrist & Hand Extensors:
    - Extensor Indicis                     C6     C7      C8
    - Ext Carpi Radialis Brevis            C6     C7      C8
    - Extensor Carpi Ulnaris               C6     C7      C8
    - Extensor Digiti Minimi               C6     C7      C8
    - Extensor Digitorum                   C6     C7      C8
    - Extensor Indicis                     C6     C7      C8
    - Extensor Pollicis Longus             C6     C7      C8
    - Iliocostalis Cervicis                C6     C7      C8
    - Lumbricals                           C6     C7      C8
    - Abductor Digiti Minimi                              C8
    - Flexor Pollicis Brevis               C6     C7      C8     T1
    - Flexor Pollicis Longus               C6     C7      C8     T1
    - Triceps Brachii                      C6     C7      C8     T1
    - Pronator Quadratus                          C7      C8     T1
    - Flex. Dig. Superficialis                    C7      C8     T1
    - Flex. Dig. Profundus                        C7      C8     T1
    - Opponens Digiti Minimi                      C7      C8     T1
    - Flexor Digiti Minimi Brevis                         C8     T1
    - Interossei                                          C8     T1

- Anatomy:
    - C-8 & T-1 anterior nerve roots convey preganglionic sympathetic fibers for innervation of head & neck to
           corresponding spinal nerves, from which they pass to ganglionated sympathetic chain;
    - further laterally these 2 spinal nerves acquire bulk of postganglionic fibers for the hand and arm;
    - consequently, injury of the C-8 & T-1 nerve roots or of corresponding spinal nerves close to vertebral column does not
           affect sympathetic innervation of arm but interrupts those to same side of head causing vasodilatation,
           anhydrosis, & dilated pupil (Horner's syndrome)

- C8 Radiculopathy:
    - rare occurance;
    - unlikely to cause pain;
    - interossie motor weakness is consistent finding;
    - Diff Dx: Anterior Interosseous Nerve Syndrome
           - the correct diagnosis is made by determining the function of the muscles innervated by the C-8 portion of the ulnar nerve;

- C8 Cord Lesion:
     - care of the spine injured patient:
     - splits:
            - opposition and Intrinsic muscle function absent;
            - possible to use static hand orthosis with MP stop;
            - person will use their own natural tenodesis action;
            - oppens hand splint for C8 functional levels;
                    - used to abduct the thumb into position so that one can flex the fingers against it and use it as a post;
                    - not used for C5 or C6 injuries since finger flexors are out

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