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Patella Alta

- See:
      - Lateral radiograph of the Knee
      - Patella Infera
      - Subluxation of the Patella

- Discussion:
    - patella alta refers to an abnormally high patella in relation to femur;
    - may result in Subluxation and dislocation of patella;

- Associated Conditions:
      - dislocation or subluxation of the patella;
      - abnormal trochlea;
      - hypoplasia of the vastus medialis

- Radiographs:
    - position of patella can best be determined on the Lateral Radiograph w/ the knee flexed at 30 deg;
           - Insall's Ratio:
                  - length of patella ligament = diagonal length of patella;
                  - variations of more than 20% are considered abnormal;
           - Blackburne Method

- Treatment:
    - lateral retinacular release is a poor choice in this condition

Patella alta and patella infera. Their etiological role in patellar dislocation, chondromalacia, and apophysitis of the tibial tubercle.

Patella alta and recurrent dislocation of the patella.