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Patella Infera

- See: Patella Alta

- Discussion:
    - patella infera indicates an abnormally low patella;
    - it most often results from to soft tissue contracture and hypotonia of quadriceps muscle following surgery or trauma to knee,

- Lateral Radiograph of the Knee:
    - is used to determine patellar height;

- Management:
    - if it is asymptomatic, it will require no treatment;
    - if patella baja develops after surgery or trauma it may represent arthrofibrosis; which may lead to chronic pain and restricted ROM;
           - treatment involves early, aggressive ROM

Patella alta and patella infera. Their etiological role in patellar dislocation, chondromalacia, and apophysitis of the tibial tubercle.

Patella alta and recurrent dislocation of the patella.

Infrapatellar contracture syndrome:  An unrecognized cause of knee stiffness w/ patellar entrapment and patella infera.