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Insall and Salvati Method

- Discussion:
    - in normal knees, constant relationship exists between length of patella (LP) and length of the patella tendon (LT);
          - length of tendon (LT) is measured on its post surface from the lower pole of patella to its insertion on top of tibial tubercle;
          - length of patella by definition is greatest diagonal length measured;
           - ratio of LP to LT is 1:0, with less than 20% variation;
                  - hence, length of Patellar Tendon is approx. = to length of the patella;
                  - avg. ratio (LT/LP) = 1.02 w/ SD of 0.13;
           - LP to LT ratio of less than 1:0 indicates possible Patella Alta;
           - describes normal patellar ht. in relationship to Patellar Tendon;
- Aglietti, et al. (1983)
     - 150 rt knees:
           - LT/LP ratio: 1.04 (0.8 to 1.38) males = 1.01 vs females = 1.06
           - Patellar pain and incongruence. I: Measurements of incongruence.

Observations on patellar height after proximal tibial osteotomy.

The modified Insall-Salvati ratio for assessment of patellar height.