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Anatomy of Rotator Cuff


- See: Rotator Cuff Tear

- Discussion:
    - see abductors of the shoulder;
    - common tendon covering top, front, & back of humeral head;
    - 4 muscles fuse to form this tendon: (subscapularis, supraspinatus,, infraspinatus, teres minor;)
    - supraspinatus
          - lies directly over top of humeral head & is an abductor;
          - it is predisposed to degenerative changes because of its location between humeral head & acromion, which compress tendon during shoulder movement  (see impingement)
    - infraspinatus & teres minor - cover back of humeral head & are external rotators;
    - distal aspect of the rotator cuff, the supraspinatus and infraspinatus tendons splay out and interdigitate, forming a common continuous insertion on middle facet of the humeral greater tuberosity;
    - subscapularis: crosses front of shoulder joint, is internal rotator and reinforces anterior capsule;
    - innervation:
          - supraspinatus & infraspinatus are supplied by the suprascapular nerve;
          - teres minor is supplied by axillary nerve;
          - subscapularis is supplied by subscapular nerve;
    - blood supply:
          - blood supply to the rotator cuff is derived from 6 arteries;
                 - anterior humeral circumflex
                        - is major supplier to anterior cuff & long head of the biceps;
                 - postrior humeral circumflex
                        - along w/ suprascapular branch supplies the posterior cuff;
                 - suprascapular
                 - thoracoacromial arteries
                        - supplies the supraspinatus
                 - suprahumeral
                 - subscapular

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