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Supraspinatus Muscle

- See:
      - Abductors of the Shoulder:
      - Rotator cuff;

- Anatomy:
    - origin: medial 2/3 of supraspinatus fossa above spine of scapula;
    - insertion: superior surface of greater tuberosity of humerus and capsule of shoulder joint;
    - demensions: supraspinatus averages 25 mm wide and has a medial-to-lateral footprint (tendon attachment)
             of 12.1 mm at the midtendon

    - action: abduction of humerus at GHJ: stabilization of glenohumeral joint;
    - nerve supply: suprascapular, C4, C5
    - synergist: deltoid;

- Function:
    - supraspinatus muscle contributes to GH stability, demonstrating peak activity in late cocking phase of throwing mechanics.

- Injury:
    - overuse of supraspinatus & resulting fatigue can subject amateur athlete to shoulder injuries.

- Exam:
    - the supraspinatus muscle is tested with the shoulder abducted 90 degrees, flexed 30 deg and then maximally internally rotated;
    - downward pressure is resisted primarily by the supraspinatus

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