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Caput Ulnae Syndrome

- See:
    - Radial Ulnar Joints
    - Rheumatoid Arthritis

- Discussion:
    - ulnar caput syndrome results from synovitis stretching ulnar carpal ligaments;
    - there is dorsal dislocation of distal ulna, supination of carpus on hand, volar subluxation of the ECU;
    - left untreated, ulnar translocation may occur;
    - role of ECU tendon:
             - in normal wrist tendon crosses extensor surface of distal ulna;
             - in RA wrist tendon lies on volar surface of ulna as distal ulna begins to subluxate on the radius;
             - thus tendon behaves as flexor of wrist rather than as extensor;
             - resulting muscle imbalance also contributes to radial deviation;
             - as tendon slips from its anatomical position, it no longer serves as a stabiliser of distal ulna, which results in even more dislocation;
    - effects on the extensor tendons:
             - volar subluxation of the ECU causes in loss of ulnar deviation and extension and the wrist begins to deviate radially;
             - this brings the ulnar-sided extensor tendons directly over the prominent ulna;
             - radial deformity of wrist results from volar subluxation of ECU and increases potential for attrition ruptures of extensor tendons (Vaughn-Jackson syndrome);
             - futher, erosion of the distal ulna causes its edge to sharpen leading to rupture of extensor tendons;
    - effects on MCP joint;
             - as wrist is pulled into radial deviation, fingers become pulled into ulnar deviation;
             - dislocation of ulna, together w/ severe erosions on lower end of bone, puts extensor tendons of fingers at considerable risk;

- Exam:
    - dropped fingers from extensor tendon rupture
    - there is prominence of distal ulna, & instability of RU joint and limited wrist dorsiflexion and limited supination;

- Treatment Options:
    - tendon transfers:
             - ECRL to ECU transfer: corrects wrist radial deviation and supination deformities;
             - ECU can be repositioned to its normal position with this tendon transfer;
    - distal ulnar arthroplasty:
             - Shaving of Dorsal Ulnar Head:
                   - may be indicated for mild dorsal deformity, and when ulnar translocation is present;
                   - after the bone edges are smoothed over, one half of the extensor retinaculum can be layed down underneath the extensor tendons to further prevent extensor tendon attrition;
             - Hemi-resection Interpositional Arthroplasty of the Radial Ulnar Joint:
             - Darrah's Procedure:
                   - main limitation with this procedure in rheumatoid wrist, is that there is nothing to prevent continued ulnar and palmar translocation of the carpus;
             - Sauve Kapandji Procedure:
                   - may allow a higher level of wrist function than is seen w/ the Darrah procedure

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