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Ankle Arthroscopy

Discussion indicated for symptomatic soft tissue impingement, synovitis: specific lesions amenable to arthroscopic debridement include: osteochondral lesions; meniscoid lesion in anterolateral gutter; mass of fibrocartilagenous tissue arising from the tibio-fibular joint will protrude into the joint; patients will note anterolateral ankle pain, popping, and giving way; anterior impingement snydrome of the ankle thickening of antero-inferior … Read more

Childhood Arthritic Conditions

Considerations for the Child w/ Joint Swelling, Limited Motion, and Pain synovial fluid exam polyarthralgia: polyarticular JRA (symmetric polyarthralgia); pauciarticular leukemia hemophilia lyme disease acute rheumatic fever septic arthritis incidious / chronic presentation of joint arthralgias: periarticular tumor oseoid osteoma pauciarticular JRA polyarticular JRA seronegative arthritides osteochondroses (LCP, osgood-schlatter dz) slipped capital femoral epiphysis lyme … Read more

Fractures of the Humerus Menu

  Anterior Approach to Humerus Anterior Approach to Shoulder Arteries of the Upper Limb Blood Supply to the Humerus Classification of Proximal Humeral Fractures Condylar Fractures Distal Humeral Fractures Holstein Lewis Fractures Humerus Humeral Shaft Fracture Non Union of Humeral Fractures Pediatric Humeral Frx Posterior Approach to Shoulder Posterior Approach to Humerus Posterolateral Approach to the Distal … Read more