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Tumors of Hand and Distal radius

[ooo id=”101957″] – Adamantinoma – Basal Cell Carcinoma: – Calcinosis – Chondrosarcoma: – the most common bony malignancy in the hand; – CMC Boss: bony growth at bases of second and third metacarpals; – special radiographs can demonstrate the osteophytes, which may be resected if symptoms warrent; – associated with ganglia at least 30% of … Read more

Tunnel of Guyon

[ooo id=”11792″] – Discussion: – Guyon (French Urologist) described this space in 1861; – Guyon’s canal is approximately 4 cm long beginning at the proximal extent of transverse carpal ligament and ends at the aponeurotic arch of hypothenar muscles; – depression between pisiform & hook of hamate is converted into fibrosseous tunnel, the tunnel of Guyon, … Read more

TKR: Evaluation and Management of Bone Defects

[ooo id=”160755″] – See: – Revision TKR: – TKR Menu – Discussion: – asymmetrical bone loss often occurs in the proximal tibia; – CT scan have shown that once one get more than 1 cm below joint line quality and quantity of the supporting cancellous bone diminishes precipitously; – equally important, attachments of iliotibial band, … Read more

Wrist Menu

(see also: Hand Menu; Physical Exam; Radiographs) – Arthroscopy – Arthrography – Aspiration – Arthrodesis – Capitate – Carpal Instability – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – CarpoMetaCarpal Fracture – CMC Arthritis – CMC Instability in the Thumb – CMC Instability in the Metacarpals – Darrach’s Procedure – DeQuervain’s Disease – Distal Radial Fractures – Dorsal Intercalated … Read more

Zone II Flexor Injuries

    – Discussion: – see flexor tendon repair     – see FDP lacerations: FDS and FDP     – almost all tendon injuries in zone 2 are due to lacerations; – this is where 2 tendons enter fibro-osseuous tunnel at mid-palm level; – once the FDS and FDP tendons enter flexor tendon sheath, the FDS separates into 2 … Read more

Type III Radial Head Fracture

– Discussion: – comminuted fractures of the entire head; – classification: – type A: – fracture of the entire radial neck, with the head completely displaced from the shaft; – type B: – articular fracture involving the entire head, which consists of more than two large fragments; – each fragment is completely displaced from the … Read more

Zone 1 Flexor Injuries

– See:       – FDP Avulsion       – FDP Lacerations       – tendon pull thru technique         – Anatomy:       – in zone 1, FDP has emerged from between & beneath decussating FDS and travels to its insertion in the distal phalanx;       – zone 1 contains: A4, C3, … Read more

Zone III

– Discussion:     – extends from base of palm or distal end of transverse retinacular ligament to transverse crease in the palm;           – extends just proximal to the IP joint and to the MP joint;     – in this region tendons are essentially free of a tendon sheath … Read more

Young Modulus

– Discussion:     – slope of “stress/strain” curve (below yield point) denotes material’s stiffness;     – steeper the curve, the stiffer material, gradient is known as modulus of elasticity or Young’s modulus;           – in the elastic range of the stress strain curve it is the slope