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– antipyschotic med, for chronic pyschotic patients who are resistant to usual medications; Both active and passive symptoms may improve with this medication; – Side effects include Agranulocytosis in 1-2% of patients; – WBC < 3000 or ANC < 1500 calls for interuption of treatment; – Also note dose related increase risk of seizures; – … Read more


– See: Transdermal  * For HTN, opioid & tobacco withdrawl; – Central alpha adrenergic receptor agonist;  * Adult: 0.05-0.10 mg PO bid-qid adjusted daily by 0.1-0.2 mg increments  – initial oral doses of 0.1 mg are given twice daily and adjusted to usual maintenance dose of 0.2 to 0.8 mg/day;  – maximum recommended oral doses … Read more


– for acute anxiety, ETOH w/drawl; Benzodiazepine; – Adult:individualized: 15-60mg/day PO in single or divideddoses; – Monitor patients with renal and hepatic impairment since drug may accumulate; CNS depressant effects; may be habit forming; – Contraindicated with acute narrow angle glaucoma, depressive neuroses, psychotic reactions; Caution with renal or hepatic failure; Caution w/ concomitant use … Read more


– Discussion:     – for serious infections with Gram Neg anaerobes (B. fragilis) or staph / streptococcus infections in patients allergic to penicillin;     – not good for gm neg aerobes;     – clindamycin binds exclusively to the 50 S subunit of bacterial ribosomes and suppresses protein synthesis; (bacterostatic not bacterocidal);   … Read more

Classic Osteosarcoma

– See:      – Bone Tumor Menu  and Osteosarcoma Demonstration Project – Discussion:     – malignant tumor of bone in which neoplastic osteoid is produced by a proliferating spindle cell stroma;     – most common primary malignant bone tumor of mesenchymal derivation;     – arises in adolescents, and second or third decade;     – … Read more


– for PUD, prophylaxis in trauma, burns, surgery;  – Adult: active PUD: 300 mg PO/IV tid-qid, or 400 mg PO bid;  – over 90% of ulcers should heal after 12 wks of therapy – Hosp Prac. 1979  – ulcers which have not healed after 12 wks, probably will not heal w/ H2 Blockers;  – for … Read more


– See: Bone Tumor Menu – Discussion:     – malignant cartilaginous tumor of bone (3rd most common malignant bone tumor / comprises 20% of malignant bone lesions);     – it is less common and less aggressive than osteosarcoma;     – staging:             – histologic grading is best predictor of stage;             – most often presents as … Read more


– Indications:  – long acting thiazide like diuretic used in hypertension;  – edema associated w/ CHF, cirrhosis, steroid and estrogen therapy;  – Adult: 50-100mg POqd;  – Contraindications: allergy to sulfa drugs;  – Caution with patients w/ impaired hepatic or renal function or SLE;  – Peds: 2mg/kg/dose PO 3 times a week

Chloral Hydrate/Noctec

– for insomnia, used as a sedatvie especially in children; also use as preoperative sedative; sedative hypnotic, non barbiturate; – Adult: 500mg-1gm PO or PR qhs prn (max 2gm/day); – Causes gastric and mucosal irritation; – Contraindicated with marked hepatic or renal impairment, or with severe cardiac disease; – Use with caution w/concomitant oral anticoagulant use … Read more