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Total Hip Arthroplasty

– See – Total Hip Arthroplasty Anterior Approach – Surgical Technique: (posterolateral approach) – Hip and Knee Infiltration Technique – Local Analgesia Infiltration Techniques – Hip and Knee Arthroplasty – pre op planning: – post operative evaulation of THR: – Acetabular Component – Acetabular Fracture and THR – Approach: – anterior approach – anterolateral approach … Read more

Total Knee Arthroplasty

– PreOp Planning – Local Analgesia Infiltration Techniques – THA/TKA and Datatrace TKR Teaching Video- Surgical Technique – Arthrodesis – Arthroscopy following TKR – Axis for TKR – Axis – Alignment – mechanical axis – anatomic axis – Bilateral Knee Replacement – Biomechanics of the Joint – Bone Grafting & Wedges – Collateral ligaments – … Read more

DVT Risk Reduction – TKA

Specific agents aspirin  heparin agents: (see low molecular wt agents) in TKA, w/ low molecular wt heparins relative risk reduction of DVT is about 50% controversies in the report by Comp, et al., the authors evaluated the efficacy and safety of a prolonged post-hospital regimen of enoxaparin following elective total hip or knee replacement, 968 … Read more

DVT Treatment – Thrombolytics

Tenecteplase (TNKase) modified version of alteplase with longer half-life, so it can be given as a single bolus over 5-second infusion availability – 10 mL syringe indication (non-comprehensive) reduce mortality associated with acute myocardial infarction Urokinase (Abbokinase) used clinically as a thrombolytic agent, often referred to as a “blood clot buster” drug availability – in … Read more

THR: Posterolateral Approach

(see: Total Hip Replacement Menu) – PreOp: – Theory and Background: – Checklist for THR and Radiographs: – Initial Exposure: – positioning, prepping and antibiotics: – posterolateral skin incision:  – incise thru iliotibial band: – split gluteus maximus: – The course of the superior gluteal nerve in the lateral approach to the hip; – identify the … Read more

DVT Risk Reduction – THA

When should prophylaxis be initiated? in the review article by Salvati, et al., the authors point out that timing of heparin administration may be critcal for DVT prophylaxis they point out that thrombogenesis begins during the preparation of the femur and is most pronounced with implantation of femoral components with cement rather than without cement … Read more

Surgical Technique for TKR

 – Main Menu: – PreOp Planning – radiographs and templating – Surgical Exposure: – Patient Positioning, Preping, Draping – Anterior Longitudinal Midline Approach – Deep Articular Exposure     – Patellar Eversion: – Patella: – patellar resurfacing – prior to patellar resurfacing, determine the propensity for the native patella to subluxate; – if subluxation is present (tibial component … Read more