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Avascular Necrosis of Femoral Head

Discussion: – pathogenesis – vascular interruption: – blood supply to femoral head – specific inciting causes – natural history – diff dx: – synovitis; – Idiopathic Transient Osteoporosis of the Hip – femoral neck stress frx – metastatic disease – trochanteric bursitis: – ref: Avascular necrosis of the femoral head presenting as trochanteric bursitis. – … Read more

Complications of ACL Reconstructions

– Discussion:     – superficial phlebitis     – proximal tibial anesthesia     – patellofemoral pain / pathology:          – references:                – Patellofemoral problems after intraarticular anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.                – Patellofemoral problems after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.                – Pain after use of … Read more


– Discussion:     – for mild pain, inflamation, RA, and prevention of stroke and DVT;     – dosage:            – adult: w/ pain and fever: 325-650mg q4hr PO, PR;            – rhuematoid arthritis: 3-12gm/day;     – check serum levels, therapeutic = 20-30 mg/dl;   … Read more

AO/Weber: Type A Malleolar Fractures

– Discussion:     – usually involves a supination-adduction injury;     – frequently does well w/ closed reduction;     – if frx in fibula is transverse, it is type I avulsion fibular frx;     – since syndesmotic ligaments are intact, ankle mortise is also stable;     – type A:  fibula fracture … Read more

Amphotericin B/Fungizone

for severe systemic fungal infections; dose: 0.25mg/kg IV over 6hrs initially (infusion .1mg/ml); gradually increase dose as tolerated up to 1-1.5mg/kg/24hrIV over 6hr; note hypersensitivity, caution with nephrotoxic/antineoplastic agents; monitor blood, liver, and renal function, discontinue therapy if BUN >40mg/dl, Creatinine >3.0mg/dl, or if liver function test abnormalities are noted; should be delivered via Central … Read more