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Watson test

- Discussion:
    - this manuever helps diagnose SLD but the test is not specific for SLD, because it may reposition entire proximal carpal row if row, rather than the scaphoid;
    - manipulation of scaphoid by examiner may reproduce pt's sensation of instability or even cause subluxation of proximal pole of the scaphoid;
    - dorsal displacement of proximal pole with radial deviation, with passive radioulnar wrist movement when the scaphoid is immobilized volarly;
    - as scaphoid flexes to a more vertical orientation w/ radial deviation, tuberosity omopression forces proximal pole subluxation dorsal to lip of radius;
- Technque: (same as Scaphoid Shift)
      - maneuver is performed by placing the examiner's thumb over palmar aspect of the distal pole of the scaphoid;
      - constant pressure is maintained w/ examining thumb as wrist is moved from position of extension, ulnar deviation to flexion, radial deviation, and back again;
      - dorsal wrist pain or a clunk may indicate instability of scapholunate ligament

The scaphoid shift test.