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Radiographic Studies for the Shoulder

  - MRI of Shoulder

  - 30 deg Caudal Tilt AP View
  - Acromioclavicular Joint Stresses Views
  - Axillary View
  - AP of the Shoulder
  - Arthrography:
  - Garth View (Apical Oblique)
  - Lateral: of Shoulder
  - Scapular Outlet View
  - Serendipity View
  - Stryker Notch View
  - Zanca View - AC Joint View

- Radiographs for:
      - Posterior Shoulder Dislocation
      - Rotator cuff Tear
      - Impingement Series:
            - Axillary View
            - Scapular Outlet View
            - 30 deg Caudal Tilt AP View
            - AP of the Shoulder
                   - 35 deg external rotation;
            - Grashey view
                   - obtained w/ 30 deg lateral oblique projection, tangential to glenohumeral joint, in order to obtain view directly down joint to reveal any degenerative changes;
                   - 90 deg abduction view;
      - Instability Series:
           - AP of Shoulder w/ 35 deg E.R.
           - Axillary View
           - Stryker Notch View
           - West Point Axillary View
                   - osseous bankart defect on anteroinferior glenoid rim is best picked up on West Point Axillary View

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