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Lateral: of Shoulder (Tangential or Y view)

- Description:
    - contour of the scapula projects as the letter Y
    - downward stem of the Y is projected by body of the scapula;
    - upper forks are projected by the coracoid process anteriorly and by the spine and acromion posteriorly;
          - glenoid is located at the junction of the stem;
          - normally, humeral head is at the center of the arms;

- Specific Uses:
    - w/ posterior shoulder dislocation, head lies posterior to glenoid & in anterior dislocations it is anterior to glenoid;
          - eventhoug AP view may suggest posterior dislocation, a scapulolateral x-ray will confirm the diagnsosi
          - note: that axillary view is best true lateral view of shoulder;

- Technique:
    - accomplished by placing anterior aspect of affected shoulder against x-ray plate and rotating other shoulder out approximately 40 deg;
    - x-ray tube is then placed posteriorly along scapular spine, & this provides a true lateral view of the shoulder

Roentgenographic evaluation of suspected shoulder dislocation: a prospective study comparing the axillary view and the scapular 'Y' view.