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Popliteal Mass: differential diagnosis

- Knee Joint Tumors

- Diff Dx:

    - synovial cysts (Baker's)
    - arterial and venous aneurysms
    - thrombophlebitis (dvt)
    - adventitial cysts of artery
    - popliteal artery aneurysm;
    - benign and malignant neoplasms
           - rhabdomyosarcoma:
           - pigmented villonodular synovitis:
           - synovial hemangioma
    - diff dx of distal femoral masses
    - diff dx of proximal tibia masses

- Discussion:

    - synovial cysts can arise from capsule of knee joint or semimembranous and medial gastrocnemius bursae;
    - these cysts are commonly assoc w/ RA or meniscal tears;
    - Baker's cysts are usually located at or below joint line, whereas cysts of semimembranous bursa are above the joint line;
    - although usually asymptomatic, synovial cysts of popliteal space can compress popliteal vein and cause symptoms suggestive of DVT;

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