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Oblique Fractures

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- Distal Olecranon Fracture:
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- Oblique Fractures
- Surgical Approach:
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- Discussion:
    - results from indirect forces (hyperextension)
    - frx begins at midpoint of trochlear notch and extends distally to enter semilunar notch;
    - amount of frx displacement is influenced by the pull of the triceps muscle as well as any disruption of triceps aponeurosis or periosteum;
- Radiology:
    - frx line extends from semilunar notch to opposite proximal cortex of olecranon;
- Treatment:
    - consider fixation w/ two bicortical screws;
         - AO cancellous screw that obtains good purchase in medullary canal of the distal ulna;
    - stabilization of oblique frx w/ lag screw before tension band wiring will improves stability;
    - if there is insufficient obliquity for at least 2 strong lag screws, 1/3 tubular plate can supplement stability