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Idiopathic Transient Osteoporosis of the Hip

- See: Musculoskeletal Considerations in Pregancy

- Discussion:
    - uncommon disease which is a diagnosis of exclusion;
    - most often seen in women during the third trimester of pregnancy and in middle-aged men;
    - typically there is no antecendent trauma;
    - up to 40% of patients may show involvement in other joints;

- Clinical Findings:
    - groin pain, and mild limited ROM of hip;
    - patients may be unable to bear weight even if hip pain is minimal;
    - ESR may be elevated;

- Radiographs:
    - radiographic findings may lag behind clinical symptoms by 1-2 months;
    - osteopenia diffusely involves femoral head and neck;
    - may be confused w/ AVN or femoral neck stress frx;
    - joint space is preserved;

- Bone Scan:
    - sensitive but not specific;
    - technetium 99m may show increased uptake before x-ray changes appear;
    - scan will show increased diffuse uptake of the whole femoral head w/ tapering over femoral neck and increased uptake in acetabulum;
    - scan usually returns to normal 12-15 months after onset of symptoms;
    - bone scan may also show increased uptake in other osteopenic joints;

- MRI:
    - decreased signal intensity of bone marrow on T1-images;
    - increased signal intensity relative to the intensity of normal marrow on T2-images;
          - joint effusions are characteristically seen on T2-images;

- Clinical Course:
    - spontaneous recovery usually occurs within 2-9 months after treatment w/ joint protection, limited wt bearing, & analgesics;
          - in pregnancy, symptoms tend to resolve in the first few postpartum months;
    - stress fracture can occur in the inadequately protected hip

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