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Radial Head Frx & Elbow Dislocation

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    - Radial Head Frx:
    - Management of Complex Elbow Dislocations

- Discussion:
    - upto 10 % of comminuted frx of radial head occurr in assoc w/ elbow dislocation;
    - there is usually significant soft tissue injury of both joint capsule & brachialis;
    - result is often joint stiffness, degenerative changes, & myositis ossificans;

- Radiographs:
    - proximal translation of the radius;
    - it is important to have adequate views of the wrist early on in order to follow proximal radial translation later on;


- Treatment: Frx Dislocation: (radial head frx):
    - type-I frx:
         - w/ concomitant post elbow dislocation, early ROM is recomended;
         - assoc w/ elbow dislocation are protected in splint for 10-14 days;
         - then encourage intensive active ROM, since late instability rarely occurs after this injury;
    - type-II frx:
         - radial-head frx are treated w/ ORIF;
         - this frx-dislocation w/ single displaced frag is ideal indication for ORIF of radial head;
         - non-articulating portion of radial head is most common portion to be frxed which is convenient since it better lends itself  to
                   fixation and avoids hardware interferance w/ forearm rotation;
         - at the time of surgery, look for injury to the lateral ligamentous complex, and consider operative repair if instability is an issue; 
         - ref: Fractures of the radial head
    - type III frx:
         - best method of treatment is controversial; 
                - w/ 3 or less fragments (two articular fragments and the neck) and no metaphyseal comminution, ORIF may be attempted;
                - note that there is high chance of fixation failure;
         - open reduction and internal fixation:
                - in young patients w/ good bone stock, even high comminuted fractures can often be pieced together;
                - in come cases, iliac crest bone grafting is necessary to connent the head fragment to the radial shaft;
                - ref: Salvage of the head of the radius after fracture-dislocation of the elbow. A case report. 
         - radial implants:
         - excision of radial head:
                - comminuted frx w/ elbow dislocation can be treated w/ early, complete excision of radial head & immobilization for upto 3 weeks;
                - because radial head maintains about 30% of total resistance to valgus loading, concomitant MCL rupture (as might be
                         seen w/ low coronoid process frx), may lead to severe instability;
                - excision should only be considered when the MCL is intact;
                - despit this, many radial head fractures with an elbow dislocation, can be treated w/ radial head excision and delayed
                           motion in a hinged brace;
                - complications:
                       - may lead to severe instability and late joint arthrosis;
                - outcomes:
                       - in the report by Sanchez-Sotelo J, et al, the authors treated 10 elbow dislocations w/ associated radial head fractures
                              and no other injuries (i.e., no coronoid process frx);
                              - authors emphasize the need for secure repair of the lateral ligamentous structures is essential;
                              - 2 pts showed gross instability, and in these, pinning w/ transarticular wires did not appear to affect results (mean
                                       mobilization time=23 days);
                              - results were excellent in 4, good in 5, and fair in 1 patient;
                              - mean flexion was from 7.5 to 140 deg and no elbow was unstable;
                              - proximal migration of the radius measured 1.6 mm (two patients had 4 mm of migration and wrist pain); 
                       - Results of acute excision of the radial head in elbow radial head fracture-dislocations. 
   - frx dislocation w/ MCL injury:
         - radial head frx & MCL Instability:
         - marked valgus displacement of elbow causes compression of radial head along w/ disruption of MCL;
         - this pattern of injury may present as radial neck frx;
                - treatment involves ORIF of  radial neck frx w/AO mini-plate;
                - this stabilizes lateral column & allows MCL to heal; 

- Terrible Triad: (dislocation, cornoid process frx, and radial head frx)

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