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Carpal Instability

- See:
- Kinematics
- Dynamic Instability
- Ligaments of the Wrist
- Perilunate Dislocations

- Instability Patterns:
- ulnar translocation: carpus shifts ulnarward (frequently seen in rheumatoid wrist);
- dorsal intercalated segment instability;
- present when lunate has rotated into dorsiflexion, as seen on lateral x-rays;
- capitate displaces dorsal to long axis of radius, producing zigzag radiolunatocapitate alignment that is called DISI;
- volar intercalated segment instability characterized by palmar flexion of lunate;
- non dissociative carpal instability:
- capitolunate instability
- mid-carpal instability
- dissociative instability: refers to instability between individual carpi of the proximal row;
- scapholunate instability
- lunotriquetral dissociation

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