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Anteroinferior Glenohumeral Ligament

- See:
    - stabilizers of the shoulder 
    - shoulder capsule

- Discussion:
    - originates as a portion of fibrous glenoid labrum anteroinferiorly;
    - there are two subdivisions of this ligament: an anterior and posterior bands along with the intervening axillary pouch;
    - antero-inferior portion of normal capsule, inferior glenohumeral ligament primary restraint to anteior dislocation;
           - primary restraint to anterior and anteroinferior instability;
           - limits anterior translation in abduction and external rotation;
    - posterior band limits posterior translation in abduction and internal rotation;
    - avulsion of this complex results in bankart lesion, which is essential lesion in recurrent anterior dislocating shoulders;
    - IGHL must fail for anterior dislocation to occur;
           - primary restraint to anterior and anteroinferior instability;
           - at 90 deg abduction, inferior glenohumeral lig developed most strain.
    - inferior glenohumeral ligaments limits external rotation at 45 to 90 deg of abduction;
    - w/ body upright, coracohumeral & middle glenohumeral ligaments play important roles in resisting inferior translation

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