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Vitamin-D Deficient Rickets

– See: Rickets: – Discussion:     – this is the classic form of the disease;     – it usually results from a deficiency in dietary intake of vitamin D, often coupled with inadequate exposure to sunlight;     – reduced vitamin-D intake causes a diminution in the absorption of calcium from the GI … Read more

Vascularity of the Lunate

– See:        – Blood Supply to the Wrist        – Kienbock’s Disease – Discussion:     – majority of lunates have both dorsal & palmar vessels & are thus as well vascularized as the other carpal bones;            – neither single intraosseous nor extraosseous disruption alone will cause avascular necrosis … Read more

Vascular Anatomy of Scaphoid

    – See: Blood Supply to the Wrist: – Discussion:     – scaphoid receives majority of its blood supply via dorsal vessels at or just distal to waist area;           – these vessels perfuse the proximal pole in a retrograde fashion;     – most important vascular branches of … Read more

Valgus Hindfoot Deformity in CP

– See:         – Cerebral Palsy: – Discussion:     – 64% w/ spastic diplegia & quadriplegia had pes valgus;     – spastic pes valgus foot is a flexible deformity until adolescence;     – spastic peroneal muscles pull the forefoot laterally and with it supporting plantar ligaments for the talar … Read more

Upper Extremity Touniquet

– Forearm:     – in the report by Edwards et al, the authors performed a prospective study was undertaken to compare            the use of forearm and upper arm tourniquets for local anaesthetic procedures on the hand;            – 100 consecutive patients with an upper arm … Read more