Ortho Oracle - orthopaedic operative atlas

Type III Collagen

– See: Collagen Discussion: – Discussion: – in Dupuytren’s, there is an increase in type III collagen (which is similar to scar tissue); – normal fascia is mostly of type I collagen; – Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome: – see collagen disorders; – at least 9 types of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome have been defined; – mutations in Type III … Read more

RTC Repair: Convergence Repair

– See RTC Repair – References: Modified Margin Convergence Technique Using Suture Anchors for Footprint Reconstruction of Rotator Cuff Tears A novel technique of rotator cuff repair using spinal needle and suture loop Anatomic reduction and next-generation fixation constructs for arthroscopic repair of crescent, L-shaped, and U-shaped rotator cuff tears. Arthroscopic Side-to-Side Rotator Cuff Repair … Read more


Discussion  superior dislocation of the lens & retinal detachment; diagnosed at or shortly after birth; myopia is often present and may be severe; retinal detachment can occur in association w/ severe myopia, leading to partial or complete blindness


– Discussion: – cardiovascular manifestations cause 90% of the deaths; – major abnormality is dilatation of the ascending aorta, which usually begins in the intrapericardial portion and extends into or beyond      aortic arch;      – dilatation at level of valve may result in aortic regurgitation;      – dilatation is progressive & precedes … Read more