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Stryker provides educational support to Wheeless’ Textbook of Orthopaedics.  Please see below for Stryker’s products of interest. Stryker Trauma & Extremities Surgical Technique Library   All Stryker Trauma & Extremities Products        Hip Fracture & Pelvis        Upper Extremity and Hand        Lower Extremities        Foot and Ankle        Peripheral Nerve Repair  

Orthopaedic Disaster Preparedness and Trauma Care Curriculum

SOMOS Core Curriculum and Critical Skills List The Society of Military Orthopaedic Surgeons (SOMOS) teaches the “Combat Extremity Surgical Course” (CESC) to military surgeons prior to deployment. The SOMOS Core Curriculum and Critical Skills List are derived from the CESC objectives and are presented as part of the Orthopaedic Disaster Preparedness and Trauma Care Tool Box initiative.       … Read more

IV. Extremity Fractures in an Austere Environment

CPT Jessica D. Cross CPT Daniel R. Possley     A. Describe the initial non-surgical and surgical management of extremity fractures   I. Introduction             A. Majority of wounds sustained by soldiers in combat zone are to the extremities, largely due to the nature of modern body armor1             B. Similarly, high energy extremity injuries are … Read more

4. Fasciotomy

CPT Brendan Masini, MD   I. Onset of Tissue Injury             A. Muscle and nerves may survive up to 4 hours of ischemia without development of irreversible damage             B. Nerves may have neuropraxic damage at 4 hours, however greater ischemic time will produce irreversible injury including axonotmesis at 8 hours II. Indications for Fasciotomy in Austere … Read more

III. Extremity Soft Tissue Care and Amputation in an Austere Environment

MAJ Travis Burns, M.D.     A. Understand the factors that affect the care options for different patient groups (locals, detainees, foreigners/soldiers and those with evacuation options)   I. Introduction             A. Patient categories in an austere setting                         1. host-nation civilians                         2. foreign noncombatants (third country nationals)                         3. detainees/enemy combatants                         4. … Read more


   Toolbox offerings: Journal – Special themed issues of the Journal of Surgical Orthopaedic Advances exclusively devoted to disaster preparedness and trauma care.   Online Textbook – Wheeless’ Textbook of Orthopaedic Surgery contains the Disaster Preparedness Toolbox tab. Information is presented in a textbook-like format to review and refresh your trauma skills.  The SOMOS Core Curriculum and … Read more

Disaster Preparedness Toolbox

DT MedSurg, LLC (a Data Trace company), with educational support provided by Stryker, presents the launch of  a new initiative, The Disaster Preparedness and Trauma Care Toolbox,  featuring the Society of Military Orthopaedic Surgeons (SOMOS)     The Disaster Preparedness and Trauma Care Toolbox   As a civilian orthopaedic surgeon you may never need to … Read more