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Swan Neck Deformity following Excision of FDS

Discussion may result from complete excision of the flexor digitorum sublimis; it is especially likely to occur in patients with a hyperextensible PIP joint; major vinculum exists at the insertion of the sublimis tendon; when tendon is exised to to its insertion, the vinculum is violated, creating major source of adhesion formation for reconstructed tendon; … Read more

1. Wound Dressing/Splinting in Preparation for Transport

Dr. Brandon Horne Dr. Benjamin Kam   I. Stabilize Patient II. Critical Components of Safe Transport of Extremity Wounds             A. Cessation of bleeding             B. Prevention of further injury                         1. stabilization of fractures                         2. removal of noxious substances and gross contamination             C. Monitoring for limb threatening conditions                         1. further blood … Read more

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The Disaster Preparedness Toolbox is an educational conduit offering resources to help educate non-military orthopaedic surgeons worldwide in the areas of disaster preparedness and trauma care. Toolbox offerings: Journal – Special themed issues of the Journal of Surgical Orthopaedic Advances exclusively devoted to disaster preparedness and trauma care. Online Textbook – Wheeless’ Textbook of Orthopaedic Surgery contains … Read more