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Ollier Approach

- Discussion:
    - is excellent for triple arthrodesis and for resection of a calcaneonavicular bar;
    - incision may be extended to expose the subtalar, calcaneocuboid, and talonavicular joints;
    - wound usually heals well because the proximal flap is dissected full thickness and the skin edges are protected during retraction;

- Cautions:
    - preserve dorsal cutaneous branches of superficial peroneal nerve which cross the incision;

- Incision:
    - begins over dorsolateral aspect of the talonavicular joint,
    - continue incision obliquely & inferoposteriorly to end about 1 inch inferior to lateral malleolus;
    - superiorly expose long extensor tendons to toes and retract them medially, w/o opening their sheaths;
    - inferiorly expose the peroneal tendons and retract them inferiorly;
    - divide origin of extensor digitorum brevis muscle & retract it distally;
    - this exposes sinus tarsi