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 - Discussion: 
    - origin:
           - lateral epicondyle of humerus, radial collateral ligament of elbow, annular ligaments of radius and the supinator crest of ulna;
    - insertion:
           - oblique line on the lateral anterior surface of the upper 1/3 of radius;
           - supinator covers the upper third of the radius;
    - action: supinates the forearm;
    - nerve supply: radial (PIN branch), C5, C6 
           - PIN supplies ECRB and supinator muscles before entering arcade of Froshe; 
           - PIN brach travels thru the substance of the supinator, and runs between the superficial and deep heads of the muscle;
    - synergists: biceps brachi 

- humerus fracture:
        - w/ humerus frx, need to r/o radial nerve palsy;
        - first branches distal to frx site will be ECRB & supinator

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