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- See:
     - Clavicle
     - Neoplastic Diff dx
     - Sprengel's Deformity
     - Scapular Fractures

- Anatomy:
     - scapula serves primarily for muscle attachments and is w/o any bony connection to the thorax.
            - provides origin & mech leverage for deltoid muscle, which prime mover of the shoulder;
     - two palpable bony landmarks:
           - acromion and the coracoid process.
     -  joints include: glenohumeral & AC joints;
           - it also forms the lateral component of the  AC joint;
           - acromion together w/ coracoacromial lig & Coracoid process forms coracoarcromial arch thru which, pass the rotator cuff & subacromial bursa

Arthroscopic acromioplasty. Technique and results.

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