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Broden’s Views

- See: X-rays of the Foot

- Broden's View:
- used to better visualize the subtal joint;
- pt is supine w/ knee slightly flexed and supported by sandbag;
- foot rests on the film cassette with neutral dorsiflexion;
- entire lower leg and foot is internally rotated 45 deg;
- central beam directed toward the lateral malleolus;
- films are obtained at 10, 20, 30, and 40 deg. of cephalic tilt;
- sub-types:
- Lateral Oblique View
- Lateral Oblique Axial
- Medial Oblique Axial

- Technique:
- w/ the patient supine, the limb is internally rotated 30 to 45 deg w/ the ankle in neutral flexion;
- center x-ray beam over lateral malleolus;
- take 4 exposures with the x-ray tube angled 40 deg, 30 deg, 20 deg, and 10 deg cephalad to see all aspects of posterior facet from front to back (40 deg showing anterior, and 10 deg showing posterior)