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Radiographic Studies: Foot

- Harris Beath View

- Oblique View:
   - patient is supine with the knee flexed;
   - lateral border of the foot is elevated 40 to 45 degrees with
   - medial border of the foot against the cassette;
   - central beam is directed vertically to the base of the 3rd M.T.


- Broden's View

- Sesamoid View:
    - used to obtain a tangential view of the sesamoid bones of MT heads
    - pt is seated on the table with the foot dorsiflexed on cassette;
    - toes are held in a dorsiflexed position with a strip of gauze;
    - central beam directed vertically to the head of the 1st M.T.


- Radiographic Relationships:
    - talo-calcaneal angle:
          - draw lines thru the long axis of the talus and the calcaneus
          - normal range = 20 to 40
    - talo first metatarsal angle
          - draw lines thru the long axis of the talus & 1st metatarsal
          - normal range = 0 to - 20 deg