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Vascular Supply of the Soleus


- blood supply of the soleus muscle is from peroneal artery proximally and the posterior tibial artery distally;
- muscle has a mixed blood supply; 
- vascular supply of the soleus is from popliteal, posterior tibial, & peroneal vascular pedicles to the proximal muscle, peroneal pedicles to distal lateral belly, and segmental posterior tibial pedicles to distal medial belly; 
- w/ distal pedicles from the posterior tibial artery ligated & based on proximal pedicles from the posterior tibial and peroneal arteries, muscle can be transposed medially or laterally to cover defects in middle third of the leg; 
- proximal vasculature arises directly from the popliteal vessels and can reliably carry all but the distal 4 to 5 cm of the muscle; 
- intramuscularly, vasculature of the soleus divides into a bipenniform segmental pattern; 
- w/ this vascular pattern, either half of the soleus muscle can be used, leaving a functional hemisoleus muscle intact