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Ulnar Wrist Pain

– Discussion: – distal radioulnar subluxation/dislocation  (see TFC Injury) – tear of the lunotriquetral – ulnocarpal impingement syndromes – pisotriquetral osteoarthritis – pisotriquetral loose bodies – subluxation/dislocation of the pisiform – fractures (ulnar styloid Process) – chondromalacia – calcific tendinitis – medial carpal instability – radioulnar arthritis – subluxation of the ECU The ulnar impaction … Read more

Ulnar lengthening

– Discussion:     – indications are essentially the same as for radial shortening;     – advocates of ulnar lengthening for Kienbock’s dz base their theorem on the fact that an ulnar lengthening procedure decreases the load          across the radiolunate joint;     – this procedure is ideally suited for pts … Read more

Histologic Changes in Rickets

– Medullary bone: – decreased in quantity, & trabecula are thin & irregular; – feature that most sig helps to establish the dx is presence of layer of unmineralized bone (osteoid seam) surrounding mineralized segment; – trabeculae & cortex have less bone, & is surrounded by a layer of unmineralized bone (osteoid seam) – osteoid seams; … Read more

Non Operative Treatment of Distal Radius Fracture:

(see: Closed Reduction and Position of Immobilization) References Effects of circumferential rigid wrist orthoses in rehabilitation of patients with radius fracture at typical site. Conservative interventions for treating distal radial fractures in adults. Minimally displaced Colles’ fractures: a prospective randomized trial of treatment with a wrist splint or a plaster cast. Aberdeen Colles’ fracture brace as a … Read more

Caput Ulnae Syndrome

– See:     – Radial Ulnar Joints     – Rheumatoid Arthritis – Discussion:     – ulnar caput syndrome results from synovitis stretching ulnar carpal ligaments;     – there is dorsal dislocation of distal ulna, supination of carpus on hand, volar subluxation of the ECU;     – left untreated, ulnar translocation … Read more

Boyd Surgical Approach

See:   – Thompson is especially suitable for the middle third of the radius, however, it is not suitable for distal third radial frxs because the posterolateral application of the plate may interfere w/ outcropping tendons to thumb, disturbing function;     – care is taken with this approach to avoid injury to the radial nerve and therefore … Read more