The Hip: Preservation, Replacement and Revision

Oblique Popliteal Ligament

- Discussion: (see posterior oblique ligament)
    - passes from insertion of the semimembranous on posteromedial aspect of tibia obliquely & laterally upward to insertion of 
           semimembranosus on the posteromedial aspect of the tibia obliquely & laterally upward toward insertion of the lateral gastroc head;
     - it acts as important stabilizing structure on posterior aspect of knee;
    - semimembranous helps tighten this structure with contraction;
    - when the oblique popliteal ligament is pulled medially and forward, tightens the posterior capsule of the knee;
    - this maneuver can be used to tighten the posterior capsule in the posteromedial corner of the knee in surgical repair


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