LC-DCP, 4.5 mm in Pure Titanium

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    - Dynamic Compression Plates:
    - Properties of Titanium;

- Discussion:
    - is used for same indications as DCP, but the improved design offers additional advantages;
    - undercut plate holes: undercut at each end of plate hole allows 40 deg tilting of screws both ways along the long axis of the plate;
    - lag screw fixation of short oblique fractures is thereby possible;
    - screws can be tilted 7 deg from the transverse plane;
    - before applying a LC-DCP, the plate must be contoured or prebent & fracture anatomically reduced;
    - LC-DCP, 4.5 mm, is fixed to bone with 4.5 mm cortex screws and 4.5 shaft screws, or in end holes with 6.5 mm cancellous bone screws;
    - 4.5 mm screws can be inserted in 3 different positions (neutral, load, and butress);
    - for this purpose special drill guides have to be used, either LC-DCP drill guide, 4.5 mm, or the universal drill guide, 4.5 mm;

- Narrow LC-DCP, 4.5 mm in Pure Titanium:
    - designed for use on the tibia, but may be used on the radius or ulna in a large patient;
    - this plate may function as a neutralization, tension band, or butress plate, as desired;
    - it is fixed with 4.5 mm titanium cortex screws and, if located over cancellous bone, with 6.5 mm titanium cancellous bone screws;
    - available with 2-16 holes
    - thickness 4.6 mm
    - width 13.5 mm
    - hole spacing 18 mm
    - hole length 8.5 mm;

- Broad LC-DCP, 4.5 mm in Pure Titanium:
    - designed for use on the femur and for pseudoarthrosis of the humerus;
    - available in 6-18 holes (staggered to prevent fissuring)
    - thickness 6 mm
    - width 17.5 mm
    - hole spacing 18 mm
    - hole length 8.5 mm

Clinical experience with titanium implants, especially with the limited contact  dynamic compression plate system.

The concept of biological plating using the limited contact dynamic compression plate (LCDCP).  

The limited contact dynamic compression plate (LC-DCP).

Original Text by Clifford R. Wheeless, III, MD.

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