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      - Amputations in the Diabetic Patient
      - Above the Knee Amputation:
              - AKA prosthetics 
      - Basic Science:
      - Below Knee Amputation: 
              - amputation following fractures of the tibia
              - pediatric BKA:
              - BKA prosthetics 
                     - prosthetic feet
      - Foot and Ankle Amputation
              - Syme's Amputation
              - Transmetatarsal Amputation 
              - Chopart Amputations 
      - Pediatric Amputations 
      - Upper Extremity Amputations:
              - amputation of the finger and hand
              - above-elbow amputation 
              - below-elbow amputation 
              - upper extremity prosthetics
              - wrist disarticulations 
 - References: 
    - Civil War Medicine
    - Traumatic and Trauma-Related Amputation: Part I: general principles and lower-extremity amputations
    - III. Extremity Soft Tissue Care and Amputation in an Austere Environment
    - Haitian Amputees — Lessons Learned from Sierra Leone 
    - Innovation and the Military Surgeon
    - Heterotopic Ossification Following Traumatic and Combat-Related Amputations
    - A new operation for the prevention and treatment of amputation neuromas.

Original Text by Clifford R. Wheeless, III, MD.

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