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Anemia w/u Labs

- Folic Acid / B12 deficiency

- Iron: - Males 65-175 ug/dL; Females 50-170 ug/dL 
        - increased: - hemochromatosis, hemosiderosis caused by excessive iron intake, excess destruction or decreased production of erythrocytes, liver necrosis; 
        - decreased: - Anemia of Infection and Chronic dz, Cirrhosis, Nephrosis, 

- Iron Binding Capacity (total) TIBC:
- 250-450 ug/dL; 
        - normal Iron/TIBC ratio is 20-50%; <15% is almost diagnostic of Iron defficiency Anemia; 
        - increased: Acute and Chronic Blood Loss, Iron deficiency Anemia, Hepatitis, OC; 
        - decreased: Anemia of Infection and Chronic dz, Cirrhosis, Nephrosis, Hemochromatosis; 

- Ferritin:
 male 15-200 ng/mL; Female: 12-150 ng/mL; 
        - decreased: Iron Defficiency (earliest & most sensitive test before red cells show any morphological change);
- Transferrin: - 220-400 mg/dL
        - increased: Iron Deficiency; 
        - decreased: Poor Nutritional Status, Chronic and Acute Inflammatory States, Chronic Liver dz

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