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  • high grade sarcomas of vascular origin;
  • occur most often in middle aged persons;
  • when the tumor arises in bone, it frequently extends up and down the bone w/ distinctive pattern of "soap bubble" lesions;
  • sub-types:
    • hemangioendothelioma - more common in bone than in soft tissue
    • hemangiopericytoma - more common in soft tissue than in bone;

Diagnostic Studies

  • permeative, invasive nature of lesion is evident on CT &  MRI;
  • bone scans show marked radioisotope uptake;


  • fine neoplastic capillaries course thru background of endothelial cells;
  • w/ hemangioendothelioma, pattern is dominated by neoplastic endothelial cells;


  • angiosarcomas require either a wide surgical margins + adjuvant XRT;
  • radical amputation is also an option