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Alkaline Phosphatase

- Normal Values: Adult: 45-125 U/L, Child 20-150 U/L;

- Increased:
- increased calcium deposition in bone
- hyperparathryroidism
- pagets disease
- osteomalacia / rickets: in both cases there is failure of mineralization;
- caffey's syndrome (infantile cortical hyperostosis)
- osteoblastic bone tumors (metastatic or osteogenic sarcoma)
- alk phos level is high in about 1/2 of pts w/ osteosarcoma & in smaller
fraction of those w/ another type of primary malignant bone tumor;
- pregnancy
- childhood
- liver dz such as biliary obstruction

- Decreased:
- malnutrition
- excess Vit D ingestion;
- hypophosphatasia

Plasma bone-specific alkaline phosphatase as an indicator of osteoblastic activity.

Correlation of serum alkaline phosphatase activity with the healing process of long bone fractures in dogs.