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Nerves arising from L2

- See: innervation

 Femoral Nerve:                  L2,   L3 ,   L4
 Genital Femoral:                L2,   L3 ,   L4
 Lateral Cutaneus:               L2,   L3
 Obturator Nerve:                L2,   L3 ,   L4
 Quadratus Lumborum :   T12, L1, L2,   L3

- Pearls:
    - tauma at this level may cause cauda equina syndrome;
    - myelomenigocele:
          - 100% of pts who have lesion at L1 or L2 or higher use wheelchair;
          - 78% of pts who have lesion at lower level (L3, L4, L5) use wheelchair at least part of the time

Orthopaedic management of high-level spina bifida. Early walking compared with early use of a wheelchair.