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Arcade of Struthers

- Discussion:
    - in middle of the arm, ulnar nerve pierces medial intermuscular septum and descends in front of the medial head of the triceps;
    - in 70-80% of individuals, nerve passes under arcade of Struthers;
    - the arcade is a thin aponeurotic band extending from medial head of triceps to the medial intermuscular septum;
           - it lies approximately 8 cm proximal to the medial epicondyle;
    - the arcade may appear as medial triceps muscle fibers crossing superficial to the ulnar nerve;
    - arcade is not site for entrapment under ordinary circumstances, but it may become point of kinking if anterior transposition of
           ulnar nerve is performed;
           - following transposition procedures, the surgeon should release the arcade if it appears that the nerve is under tension

Historic origin of the “Arcade of Struthers.”

Redefining the "Arcade of Struthers".