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Polio: Claw Toes

- See:
      - Claw Toes
      - Poliomyelitis

- Discussion:
    - 2 causes
         - long toe extensors:
               - substitute for severely weakened ankle dorsiflexors;
               - clawing is even more marked w/ Achilles tendon contracture;
               - during swing phase long toe extensors actively contract, producing claw toe deformities;
               - during stance phase when wt is born on foot, these deformities are not apparent;
        - long toe flexors:
               - used to substitute for weakened gastro-soleus group at push off;
               - gait is significant for clawing of toes only push off is attempted;
               - this pattern of claw toes is elminated thru tendon transfers to restore active plantar flexion of the ankle;
                      - operation on the toes is then usually unneccessary