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Ilizarov Method: Physiotherapy

Dr. Mangal Parihar 

- Discussion: Much is spoken about physiotherapy and it's importance in the Ilizarov method. Unfortunately, this is infrequently translated into practice. One just has to look at many cases with iatrogenic problems to realize that lack of physiotherapy lies at the root of the majority of these. The patient has to participate in a proper program of exercises, mobilization and ambulation. This cannot be stressed enough. Lack of proper physiotherapy can turn even the technically excellent surgery into a poor result, and nowhere is this more true than in the subspecialty of Ilizarov surgery. In fact Ilizarov's original technique requires the patients to stay in hospital and participate in at least two hours of therapy in various forms every day. In our circumstances, the services of a physiotherapist are not always available. The only recourse in such cases is for the surgeon himself to supervise the therapy for the patient. Achieving length or correcting a deformity at the cost of decreased motion, mobility or function is certainly not a worthwhile goal 

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