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Ilizarov Method: Stability of Frame & Components

Dr. Mangal Parihar 

- Discussion:
Like all mechanical components, the Ilizarov frame is liable to loosen. Therefore at every visit a check is made to ensure that the various bolts and nuts are adequately tight. Though is does not happen often, wires may loosen. The patient with loose wires complains of pain at the pin site, especially on weight bearing. This may need re-tensioning of the wire/s. If a frame is demonstrably unstable on the limb, i.e. physical movement can be visualized between the frame held by one hand and the limb in the other, further fixation of the frame by means of additional pins or wires is usually required. Fixator instability should not be brushed aside, because an unstable fixator will prevent weight bearing ambulation, with resultant deleterious effects on development and ossification of the regenerate. When a patient wearing a fixator stops walking a vicious cycle of osteoporosis, reduced anchorage of implants in bone, loss of fixation, pin-site sepsis, pain, further decrease in walking; is set up. This can be very difficult to treat when established, and is therefore best prevented. 

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- The Early Post-op period (the Latent Phase) 
- Pain relief: - Limb Positioning 
- The Distraction Phase 
- Neurological Examination
- Pinsites for Signs of Inflammation / Infection 
- Stability of Frame & Components
- Ambulation 
- Follow-up Checklist (X-rays)
- Quality of regenerate 
- Physiotherapy
- The Consolidation Phase 
- Removal of the Fixator and Post Fixator Removal